89Etihad, Arabic for “Union” is inspired by the United Arab Emirates legacy that spans over four decades of development and progress.
Etihad ESCO is inspiring cross sector actions and partnerships among multiple Stakeholders to create and sustain a vibrant market for energy performance Contracts.
Dubai is one of the leading cities in the world implementing a city–wide strategic buildings energy efficiency program with tangible Social, Environmental and Economic benefits.
Etihad’s purpose is to serve the strategic goal of the United Arab Emirates pursuing a green economy for sustainable development by making Dubai a global model of green economy transition through leadership, partnership and adoption of energy efficiency technologies.

Message by the CEO

89Our aim is to keep and improve safety, health environment control and protect each one of us. We have and will continue to maintain high quality of safety standards and records

Safety is an essential part of each employees job, we do not like any safety issues with our personal lives, and so we should have the same attitude towards any safety matters related to our work and colleagues.

Our goal to drive a positive safety culture through communication and consultation with all employees, so you all will always be part of our safety journey

I keenly request your co-operation in playing your role to eliminate any safety-related issues in our workplace so that we call all enjoy a sustained working environment, and go home safe

I am personally committed towards a safe working culture, environment and expect each and every one of you to have some commitment as implementation lies within each one of us

Ali Al Jassim




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